Chase your dreams!

Welcome to Dusti Rhoads!

I began working for a western wear retailer when I was 18 years old.  I loved it and soon wanted a store of my own.  My husband, Ben and I have had a couple of opportunities in our 30 years of marriage to do just that.  Our two daughters, Dalli and Cady, grew up checking in inventory and stocking shelves.  They are both involved in our Dusti Rhoads business.

My biggest dream has always been to create and develop a line of my own.  Dusti Rhoads is the birth of that dream.

As life often does, we have seen a lot of changes.  The market place has changed vastly over the years and we have learned so much.  We hope to share some our business experience with you.   It is our desire to keep the western culture alive and thriving.  Hope you will join us so we can make each other’s dreams come true.

God Bless,


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