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Independent Representative Agreement
Independent Dusti Rhoads Consultant Agreement Congratulations! You have taken the first step in your journey as a Dusti Rhoads Consultant! Becoming a Dusti Rhoads Consultant means entering into a legally binding business relationship with Dusti Rhoads, LLC (hereinafter the “Company” or “Dusti Rhoads”). The following documents, taken together, outline the terms, conditions, and legal responsibilities between the Company and Dusti Rhoads Consultant (collectively the “Parties”): Dusti Rhoads Consultant Form: The registration form to be completed and submitted on the Website in order to become a Dusti Rhoads Consultant, which, when duly signed and taken together with the Consultant Terms and Conditions, the Compensation Plan, and the Policies and Procedures, constitutes the entire agreement between the Parties. Dusti Rhoads Terms and Conditions: A concise summary of the legal terms and conditions all Dusti Rhoads Consultants must agree to in order to remain in good standing with the Company and to conduct their Dusti Rhoads business. Compensation Plan: The compensation plan details the requirements and benefits of the compensation structure for Dusti Rhoads Consultant, including how Commissions and Bonuses are calculated. Understanding the compensation plan is crucial to your success as a Dusti Rhoads Consultant and will become increasingly important as you grow your team. Policies and Procedures: Outlines the “rules” for operating a Dusti Rhoads business and governs the way a Dusti Rhoads Consultant conducts business with the Company, other Dusti Rhoads Consultants, and Customers. Questions and Support: Please contact Dusti Rhoads Support for any questions about the Dusti Rhoads Consultant Registration Form, the Dusti Rhoads Consultant Terms and Conditions, the Compensation Plan, or the Policies and Procedures.